Residency program training tracks

Understanding Residency Program Training Tracks

While applying to US medical residency programs, you may run into certain specialties and programs that offer more than one “track” or length of training. Below, we’ll help you understand how Residency Program Training Tracks work. So, understanding the difference in medical residency tracks is very relevant when you are researching different medical specialties. As
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Top IMG Friendly Specialties

Top IMG Friendly Specialties of 2021 Residency Match

If you are an International Medical Graduate (IMG), picking which medical specialties to apply to starts with learning about the top IMG-friendly fields. Using the information provided by NRMP’s® Results and Data 2021 Main Residency Match®, we’ve determined the top IMG friendly specialties. First, let’s review some general Match statistics to understand the big picture.
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Average Physician Pay and Hours

Average Physician Pay and Hours by Specialty in the USA

Your choice of specialty is likely driven by your interest and passion for a specific field. However, it’s important to consider the average physician pay and hours as well. In fact, this information may very well be the missing piece you need to decide on your future career path. Knowing the “big picture” of what
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IMG Friendly States from Match 2021

Top IMG Friendly States from Match 2021

Among the many considerations faced by International Medical Graduates (IMGs) seeking US residency, geological location is notably important. Not only must IMG residency applicants research individual residency programs, but they should also be aware of state limitations and the overall IMG-friendliness of whole states. Learning more about IMG Friendly states from Match 2021 can help
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Your Pre-Residency Job Search

Your Pre-Residency Job Search – Jobs with ECFMG Certification

There are many reasons you might be looking for work in the medical field before you begin residency. Perhaps you are relocating before applying for residency. Maybe you did not Match in the most recent cycle. Whatever the reason, there are many job options for medical school graduates who hold ECFMG Certification. Read below for
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compatibility score

Match A Resident’s Compatibility Score Explained

Each year, Match A Resident strives to provide aspiring residency candidates the most current and relevant information about Residency Programs. We contact thousands of programs directly to ensure accuracy that goes beyond what you can find just by searching the web. Our unique algorithm compares your Step Scores, Time Since Graduation, amount of US Clinical
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Residency LoR Guide

Guide to Writing Residency Letters of Recommendation

Residency Letters of Recommendation (LoRs) are a crucial component of your Residency application package. In fact, these supporting documents are ranked #2 by Program Directors when choosing applicants to interview. So, whether you have been asked to author the letters yourself or your letter writers will be preparing them, it’s important to have a solid
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Discontinuation USMLE Step 2CS

Permanent Cancellation of USMLE Step 2CS

The permanent cancellation of the USMLE Step 2CS examination was announced on January 26, 2021, after the exam was initially suspended on March 16, 2020. The suspension and then discontinuation of the USMLE Step 2CS marked one of the most significant changes the Match has ever seen. Formerly a required benchmark for obtaining ECFMG certification,
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ECFMG Pathways

ECFMG Pathways for IMG Certification in 2022 Residency Match

There are 6 ECFMG Pathways for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) seeking eligibility for the 2022 Match Cycle. As most residency candidates already know, the USMLE Step 2CS exam has been permanently discontinued. Accordingly, the ECFMG committed itself to providing alternative Step 2CS Pathways for IMGs to satisfy this clinical skills portion of ECFMG Certification. If
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