Match A Resident: A New Look and Enhanced Services for Your Residency Journey

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Match A Resident platform! With over 20 years of expertise in supporting residency applicants, we have reimagined our entire service offering to bring you a more intuitive, efficient, and powerful toolset. The IMG Application period is opening on June 5, 2024, and we couldn’t be more excited to share these updates with you.

A New Era for Match A Resident

From our humble beginnings, Match A Resident has always been about simplifying the complex residency application process. Our journey has been fueled by continuous innovation and a relentless commitment to helping medical graduates achieve their dreams. Today, we are proud to be the number one resource for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and U.S. medical students, providing unmatched support and guidance.

Why We Redesigned

We understand that the residency application process can be overwhelming and stressful. That’s why we listened to your feedback and took a fresh approach to redesigning our platform. Our goal was to create a more user-friendly experience while incorporating advanced technology to provide you with the best tools available. This comprehensive overhaul ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips to navigate your residency journey successfully.

What’s New?

Our platform overhaul includes several new tools designed to assist you at every stage of the residency application process. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting new features we’ve added:

Residency List: Your Ultimate Resource

Our comprehensive Residency List is now better than ever. Updated annually, it features the most sophisticated dashboard of information on the market, with 15 different data points to help you make informed decisions. This tool enables you to filter programs based on your unique criteria, ensuring you apply to the programs that best match your qualifications and preferences. On average, our Residency List can save you over $700 in application fees.

Discover how our Residency List can help you make informed decisions.

Application Builder: Crafting Perfection

Creating a standout application is both an art and a science. Our new Application Builder tool leverages advanced machine learning, over two decades of infused artificial logic, and your direct feedback to generate drafts for all 20 components of the application. This includes your personal statement, CV, and letters of recommendation, ensuring that every aspect of your application is meticulously crafted and optimized to highlight your strengths and achievements.

Start building your perfect application with our Application Builder.

Application Assessor: Instant Feedback

Meet the fastest and most data-driven way to evaluate your application – the Application Assessor. Utilizing over 20 years of application data and AI-built logic, this tool provides comprehensive feedback on every component of your application in minutes. This includes evaluating your submitted photo, ensuring you have the best chance to match. The assessor gives detailed suggestions for improvement, helping you to refine your application to perfection.

Experience the speed and precision of our Application Assessor.

Interview Prep: Tailored Success

Your interview is a crucial opportunity to shine. We’ve built a library of resources based on sourced data and direct feedback from our members. Our Interview Prep tool provides a tailored experience for all 18 specialties, giving you the confidence and preparation you need to ace your interviews. This includes access to a vast array of practice questions, mock interviews, and tips on how to handle challenging scenarios, ensuring you are fully prepared to impress the residency program directors.

Prepare for your residency interviews with our Interview Prep tool.

Why Choose Match A Resident?

With a legacy of innovation and a track record of success, Match A Resident continues to set the standard for residency application support. Our new tools are designed with you in mind, offering a seamless, user-friendly experience that maximizes your chances of matching with your desired residency program. Our commitment to providing the highest quality resources at the best value sets us apart in the industry.


New navigation! How does it feel?

It was really helpful. It is really user friendly. It literally makes your life so easy. Thank you, so grateful.

-Armeen Masood Non-US IMG

I had an exceptional experience using the Match a Resident platform. As a medical student applying to residency soon; it was incredibly user-friendly and functional, making it easy to find and navigate throughout the different tools and resources as needed. The layout was clean and well-organized, which enhanced my browsing experience two-fold. The platform’s performance was impressive with no technical issues encountered. Overall, it exceeded my expectations, and it will make it way easier to apply for residency; that said from narrowing my top programs to completing my personal statement to prepping for future interviews. I highly recommend it to anyone who is applying for residency soon as it will make it a seamless online experience.

-Tanya Roberta Garcia Non-US IMG

It was very user friendly and I enjoyed learning more about each program and I believe every part of the application including lor, personal statement and even hobbies has been covered in this package!

-Saju Denishya Prabhakaran Non-US IMG

My overall experience with the platform is highly positive. It is user-friendly, efficient, and well-organized. The AI-driven tool and detailed resources made the application process certainly less stressful. The platform’s professional design and navigation further make things better. Overall, it saved me time and effort, making it a great tool for my application.

-Michail Koutentakis Non-US IMG

I can sense this to target every need of an applicant; it cuts down the workload and research into half- it is truly an asset.

-Janadi Karawita Non-US IMG

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

We invite you to explore our new platform and see how these enhanced features can transform your residency application process. Our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, from your initial application to the day you receive your match. Stay tuned for more updates, and best of luck in your residency applications!

Explore the new Match A Resident platform and tools.

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