The Residency Application Checklist: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on the journey to secure a residency position is both exciting and overwhelming. The residency application process is a critical step in your medical career, and having a comprehensive checklist can ensure you stay organized and put forth your best application. This guide will walk you through each essential component of the residency application
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not get residency interviews

9 Reasons Why Medical Students Do Not Get Residency Interviews

Oftentimes, medical students do not get residency interviews because of easily avoided mistakes, omissions, and errors in their application. However, learning about these pitfalls is the best way to ensure that you give yourself the best chances possible. The Residency application process is vast, complex, and often confusing and overwhelming. Although you may not yet
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Successful Residency

The Hidden Secret of a Successful Residency Interview Season

Congratulations! You have gotten a few interviews for medical residency under your belt. Hopefully, you will be scheduling even more, working towards a successful residency interview season.  But, are you about to be making the same mistake that thousands of other residency applicants have made before?  The truth is, as memorable as your experiences seem
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How Your Body Language Affects Your Residency Interview

It is common knowledge that what you say during a residency interview can have a great effect on how well the interview goes. Prepared candidates spend a long time carefully composing answers to the most used interview questions to ensure they are giving answers that paint them in the best light. However, many candidates do
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How to Dress for Residency Interviews

How you dress for an interview tells the residency programs about you. If you show up in wrinkled, unkempt clothing, you may come off as lazy, sloppy, or that you don’t care about the interview. If you show up in a short dress and six inch heels, programs may wonder if you thought this was
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