Match A Resident’s Interview Feedback

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some insider information about what your interview with a program might be like? How did past interviewees feel about the program when they were there? What didn’t they like about their experience? That’s exactly what you get with Match A Resident’s Interview Feedback. Scroll to the bottom
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Follow up letter

Following up with Residency Programs: Letters of Interest

If the Residency Application Season is progressing and you haven’t heard from your top programs, you may have questions about what to do next. The next step for any residency candidate in this situation is to follow up with residency programs with a Letter of Interest. Should I contact programs after I apply? You can
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Interviews during the Post-Match SOAP

A common question many residency candidates may have about the Post-Match SOAP ® is whether programs conduct interviews before the Offer Rounds begin Wednesday. The answer is yes. After sending your 45 applications, programs have three main ways of interviewing potential candidates throughout SOAP: In person (only for those who are local to the program)
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Match A Resident’s Interview Prep

Are you doing everything you can to prepare for your residency interviews? Ensuring you are polished, prepared, and intentional in each residency interview is crucial. Here is how Match A Resident’s Interview Prep can help you learn and practice your interview skills, so you can make a positive and lasting impression. You’ll start by learning
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Nervous About Residency Interviews? Here Are Some Tips

Residency interviews can feel intimidating, and many candidates feel the pressure to perform their best in order to increase their chances of matching into that program. Unfortunately, candidates can often make mistakes that may harm them the day of the interview due to nerves or lack of preparation. Learn about the best ways to prepare
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Guide to Acing Your Residency Interview

You’re here. You’ve submitted your applications, you’ve paid the fees, and you’ve done everything you can to stand out on paper…and you got an interview invite! The residency interview is the next crucial step to matching into residency, so you want to be prepared to shine. Make sure to read everything you should know about
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Residency Interviews

Six Ways to Ace Your Residency Interviews

Interviewing with residency programs is one of the final bridges you’ll cross before Matching. It is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and, well, blood, sweat, and tears. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder many applicants feel nervous, anxious, and even some trepidation when facing interviews. Keep reading for six strategies
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interviewing with secondary specialties

Interviewing with Secondary Specialties

If you applied to more than one specialty, and your background and CV are better aligned with one than the other, it’s possible you’ll be asked by a program director if you are in fact applying to multiple fields. So, it’s important to be prepared for interviewing with secondary specialties. Be Upfront You might initially
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"Tell me about yourself."

Commonly Asked Residency Interview Questions: “Tell Me About Yourself.”

Perhaps one of the most difficult to answer interview questions is often the first asked: “Tell me about yourself.” In this blog, we’ll share strategies on how to prepare a winning answer to this question. Understand your interviewer’s intentions: “Tell me about yourself.” First, don’t misunderstand your interviewer’s intention when they ask you to “Tell
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"Why are you interested in our program?"

Common Residency Interview Questions: “Why are you interested in our program?”

When a program selects you for an interview, it’s because they’ve reviewed your application carefully and like what they see. It’s likely that if you asked the program, “Why me?” They’d have a good reason! So, when the program asks you “Why us?” be ready to wow them with your answer. This blog will help
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