Selecting Programs During the Post-Match SOAP

At 10 a.m. (EST) on Monday of Match Week, residency candidates who participated in the Main Residency Match® through NRMP® will fall into one of three categories, which determines whether you will participate in the Post-Match SOAP: Fully Matched – You have received a position that will give you full training for licensure (usually a
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Why Didn’t I Match? 14 Reasons You Could Have Failed to Match

If you are a residency re-applicant, understanding why previous attempts were not successful is imperative. There is no sense in trying the same thing over and over again, especially if it didn’t work the first time. Luckily, there ARE ways to improve and optimize both your application and your application strategy. Some potential weaknesses that
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Residency program training tracks

Understanding Residency Program Training Tracks

While applying to US medical residency programs, you may run into certain specialties and programs that offer more than one “track” or length of training. Below, we’ll help you understand how Residency Program Training Tracks work. So, understanding the difference in medical residency tracks is very relevant when you are researching different medical specialties. As
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Average Physician Pay and Hours

Average Physician Pay and Hours by Specialty in the USA

Your choice of specialty is likely driven by your interest and passion for a specific field. However, it’s important to consider the average physician pay and hours as well. In fact, this information may very well be the missing piece you need to decide on your future career path. Knowing the “big picture” of what
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Can You Apply to Multiple Medical Specialties in One Hospital?

Opposed Vs. Unopposed: Can You Apply to Multiple Medical Specialties in One Hospital?

Imagine, you’ve found the perfect Internal Medicine residency program and a fantastic Family Medicine residency program– but both are in the same hospital. Residency programs that share a hospital with other medical specialties are called Opposed Programs, while residency programs that are the only medical specialty in the hospital are Unopposed Programs. You feel torn.
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Didn’t Match: What Should I Do Now?

Not Matching into a medical residency program is a difficult experience for any residency candidate. However, after you’ve had time to reflect on your past season, it’s essential to move forward and start thinking about what to do between now and when the next application season opens. But, it can be hard to know what
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The First 4 Hours: The Importance of Utilizing Professional Assistance on Day 1 of Match Week

While you can click to view the full timeline for the Post-Match SOAP® here, it’s truly important residency candidates understand the tricky timing and limited nature of the Monday of Match Week. One of two things with happen, Monday, March 11, 2019. Either you will be Fully Matched, or you remain Unmatched/Partially Matched. If the first
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rank order list

What is the Rank Order List?

Every year, after filling out applications and completing residency interviews, the next step in the residency application process is to create and certify your Rank Order List (ROL) through NRMP®. This is a very important step towards participating in the Main Residency Match® in March. Rank Order Lists are created and certified by both residency
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Predicting the Post-Match SOAP: Be Prepared

The medical residency interview season is about to break for the holiday season. After the holidays, programs can still conduct interviews, but many programs will want to have their interviews all wrapped up for the opening of Rank Order List creation in January. Now is a good time to begin reflecting on your season, and
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Post-Interview Impressions Used to Rank Residency Candidates

Walking out of a residency interview can be filled with mixed emotions. You may feel confident you presented yourself well and made a connection with the program and the Program Director. Or, you may feel as though you could’ve put yourself out there more or answered a question differently. Even if a Program Director looks
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