How Do I Find US Clinical Experience?

 Finding US Clinical Experience can be quite a challenge, especially for IMGs. Although we do not necessarily promote or condone any of the services and opportunities described in this article, we are simply attempting to help exemplify opportunities which do exist. US Clinical Experience usually comes in one of the following forms: sub-internships, externships, and
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Should I tell residency programs they are my number one choice?

You’ve had an interview. It went great. You love them, and they love you. The program has reached out to you saying that they would be delighted to have you in their program. Now comes the big question: Should I tell the residency program that I will rank them as my number one choice? To
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Rank Order List Assistance

Using Match A Resident’s Rank Assist Feature

Ranking medical residency programs can be a challenge. However, with Match A Resident’s Rank Assist Feature, we have helped streamline the way in which applicants rank programs. Using a proprietary comprehensive survey, alongside a rating (value) system, Rank Assist smoothly guides applicants through the process of analyzing, assessing, and of course, ranking their medical residency
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SOAP Preparation

5 Steps to the Best Post-Match SOAP Preparation 2019

The Post-Match Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®) is not an option most residency candidates want to consider until they absolutely have to. And, that is very understandable! Thinking about the Post-Match may feel like thinking about the possibility of not receiving a Match through the Main Residency Match®— which can be a very scary thought. But, if
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Follow Up Residency Interview

Follow Up After Residency Interviews: 6 Common Questions

Following up with programs after your interview can be a tricky and confusing time. Luckily, you can find some clarity on some of the most common post-interview follow up questions below! 1) Should I follow up with a medical residency program after taking an interview with them? Yes! Following up with programs is an essential
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Taking Residency Interviews

Taking Residency Interviews: 10 Steps for Success

It is finally here. You have taken all the necessary steps to prepare for your residency interview, and now you are ready to ace it! Below you will find 10 helpful tips for effectively taking your residency interview and leaving the program with a strong impression of your candidacy. 1) Begin your day by waking
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Residency Interview Success

10 Steps to Prepare for Residency Interview Success

Congratulations! You have landed a residency interview. Now is the time to make sure you are ready to do your absolute best. Below you will find 10 basic steps to take in your preparation processes. We recommend recording organized notes each step of the way so that you are able to reflect on what you
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Peak Interview Months by Medical Specialties (Updated for 2018 Program Director Survey)

After submitting applications to residency programs, all residency candidates must play the waiting game to see if they will be receiving any interview invitations. This is quite possibly the most tense time for candidates– apart from Match week. After a few weeks, it’s easy to get discouraged when looking at forum sites or hearing from
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Residency Interview Calendar Manager

Using Match A Resident’s Interview Manager Calendar

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to keep track of your interviews this residency season?   Utilize this informational resource to help you discover how to effectively use Match A Resident’s Interview Manager feature. Using this simple yet powerful tool will help facilitate a more integrated, cohesive, and effective strategy to help
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2018 NRMP® Program Director Survey: What do Program Directors like to see?

Well-prepared residency candidates understand they need to put together a strong, cohesive ERAS Application to give them a better chance at success in getting interviews and matching. The difficulty lies in knowing what Program Directors and Interview Committees like to see in the application   To help glimpse into the expectations of Program Directors and
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