Introducing “Learn More with MARai” — The Key to Understanding Your Target Residency Programs

Match A Resident, the platform dedicated to streamlining your residency application process, is introducing AI-powered Residency Insights! Today, we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature, “Learn More with MARai,” designed to enhance your preparations and increase your chances of a successful match.

What is “Learn More with MARai”?
“Learn More with MARai” is an innovative feature, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that provides insights into five crucial aspects of each residency program on your custom list. These are:

1. An Introduction
2. Unique Aspects
3. Director & Residents
4. The Facility
5. Geographical Information

Why Learn More with MARai Is Needed
One of the key advantages of using MARai is time-saving. Traditionally, gathering this information required significant time and effort, essential for pre-interview preparation, crafting Thank You Letters, and creating Letters of Intent. With 20 years of expertise in coaching residency candidates, we’ve found that familiarity with these five aspects significantly boosts confidence during and after interviews.

Uniqueness of Lean More with MARai
What sets MARai apart from other tools is its AI-generated, one-of-a-kind content. All of this invaluable information is hosted in one place, covering almost the entire list of residency programs. Additionally, MARai is included as part of the Customized Residency List, requiring no separate fees.

How to Access Learn More with MARai
Accessing MARai is straightforward:

1. Activate your Match A Resident list in any of the 18 specialties.
2. Navigate to your specialty list.
3. Click on the Learn More (AI) button located on the far-right menu of each program card or scroll down to the blue “Learn More With MARai” section at the bottom.
4. Click on any of the five components to display the AI-generated information.

Intended Outcomes
The goal of MARai is to provide candidates with a nuanced understanding of each program. This additional knowledge fundamentally changes the dynamics of interviews, allowing candidates to demonstrate genuine interest and familiarity with the programs they’re considering.

Availability Across Specialties
We’re pleased to announce that the Learn More with MARai feature is available for all 18 specialties that Match A Resident offers.

To sum up, “Learn More with MARai” provides a groundbreaking addition to the Match A Resident ecosystem. It strengthens your preparation and enhances your ability to impress during interviews, all without requiring additional fees.

Don’t miss out on this innovative feature. Activate your Match A Resident list today and start exploring the comprehensive insights provided by MARai!

Q: Is Learn More MARai a paid feature? 
A: No, MARai is included as part of the Customized Residency List from Match A Resident.

Q: How do I access Learn More with MARai?
A: Follow the steps outlined above.

Q: Is MARai available for all specialties?
A: Yes, Learn More with MARai is available for all 18 specialties that Match A Resident offers.

Q: How frequently is the information updated?
A: Our AI-generated content is continuously refined to provide the most current and relevant information.

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