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The Hidden Secret of a Successful Residency Interview Season

Congratulations! You have gotten a few interviews for medical residency under your belt. Hopefully, you will be scheduling even more, working towards a successful residency interview season. 

But, are you about to be making the same mistake that thousands of other residency applicants have made before? 

The truth is, as memorable as your experiences seem now, you WILL forget many of the details of your interviews. Who did you speak with? What did you like? Dislike? Were there elements that left an impression? 



It is 100% vital to record as much as you can about your interview experiences NOW in order to have a successful residency Match. No matter how hard you try, the most important details will fade in your memory by the Rank Order List deadline in February. 

And the more interviews you have, the more important this advice is to you. 

It is the small details that will help you make the difficult decisions regarding your Rank Order List. Yet, it is the small details that will be the first to fade from your memory. 


Prepare for Successful Residency Ranking

After you’ve recorded as much as you possibly can about your interview experience, now it is time to utilize Match A Resident’s Rank Assist feature

Why now? The Rank Assist feature is a comprehensive survey that will ask you to assess very specific aspects of the program and your experiences. But as we’ve stated, it is very likely that you will not remember these essential details come January and February. 

So, now that you understand the critical nature of assessing your interview experiences, now is the time to learn more about how to use Rank Assist. It’s totally free to use!


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Of course, Match A Resident is also the #1 resource for residency Interview Feedback. Be sure to leave your Interview Feedback to help the residency applicant community as a whole. Your input and experiences are invaluable to present and future applicants!

Taking this advice, you will be better prepared than most for a successful residency interview season and successful Match. 


Have questions or experiences of your own? Leave them in the comments below! 

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