How to Defeat Unnecessary Residency Application Expenses

Budget your finances wisely to increase your chances

Fulfilling a dream in the field of medicine does not come cheap. It’s best to be prepared for the financial road ahead by being aware of costs relevant to the residency process.

The expenses you pay add up fast between USMLE® tests, ECFMG® services, interview related costs and NRMP® matching.

Applying to programs through ERAS® is costly:

Programs Per Specialty

Up to 10 = $97

11 – 20 = $11 each

21 – 30 = $16 each

31 or more = $26 each

For example, in one specialty:

Applying to 100 programs through ERAS = $2,187

Imagine, if you are planning to apply to 100 programs and 20 of these programs are incompatible, you are throwing away approximately $400. Choosing relevant programs which have higher probability of considering you will save you time and money.

By targeting your application and only applying to programs you qualify for, you do not only increase your chances but also use your funds much more efficiently.  

Target Your Application Now:

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