ERAS Changes 2016-17

Every year, AAMC’s® ERAS® makes changes to their timing and systems to try and make the residency application process run more smoothly and efficiently for applicants. This year is no different, and the changes are bigger and better than ever.

Here are the ERAS changes you can expect this year that have been released**:


June 6, 2016: ERAS opens for the 2016-17 Match Season.

June 21, 2016: International Medical Graduates (IMGs) may:

  • Obtain their ERAS Tokens from ECFMG®
  • Register to MyERAS
  • Log in and begin uploading application documents

September 6, 2016: All residency candidates may:

  • Certify their application

(Please Note: Do not Certify your ERAS Application until it is 100% completed. If you click “Certify” with incomplete or incorrect content, this document will be unchangeable and set in stone for the rest of the residency season.)

  • Assign documents to residency programs
  • Submit applications (programs will not receive the applications until September 15th.)

September 15, 2016: Residency programs begin receiving applications previously submitted by residency candidates.

So, what does this mean for an IMG? These are drastic changes from previous years and will affect IMG applicants in a few ways:

  • IMGs will be able to receive their tokens and register with ERAS sooner than last year (June 21st)
  • You will need your ERAS application documents submitted sooner than September 15th (Try to have your documents submitted by late August to have them in by September 6th)
  • Rather than rushing to apply all in one day, you will have 9 days (from September 6th to September 15th)
  • There is less stress on September 15th because all applications are released at the same time and as long as you applied before the 15th, you won’t have to worry about having your applications in on the first day

Additional Changes:

  1. Messaging Center – To better organize your messages, you may now create folders
  2. Personal Statement formattingSee here  for Personal Statement changes.


**Please Note: Dates, times, and information are subject to change. ERAS will release more information as the season progresses. Always keep informed by visiting the official services’ websites.

Official Websites Resources:

  1. ERAS:
  2. ECMFG:
  3. NRMP®:


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