SOAP Preparation

5 Steps to the Best Post-Match SOAP Preparation 2020

The Post-Match Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®) is not an option most residency candidates want to consider until they absolutely have to. And, that is very understandable! Thinking about the Post-Match may feel like thinking about the possibility of not receiving a Match through the Main Residency Match®— which can be a very scary thought. But, if
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Didn’t Match: What Should I Do Now?

Not Matching into a medical residency program is a difficult experience for any residency candidate. However, after you’ve had time to reflect on your past season, it’s essential to move forward and start thinking about what to do between now and when the next application season opens. But, it can be hard to know what
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Why Didn’t I Match? 14 Reasons You Could Have Failed to Match

If you are a residency reapplicant, understanding why previous attempts had not proved successful is imperative for your preparations now. There is no sense in trying the same thing over and over again, especially if it didn’t work the first time. Luckily, there ARE ways to improve and optimize both your application and your application
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