Average Physician Pay and Hours

Average Physician Pay and Hours by Specialty in the USA

Your choice of specialty is likely driven by your interest and passion for a specific field. However, it’s important to consider the average physician pay and hours as well. In fact, this information may very well be the missing piece you need to decide on your future career path. Knowing the “big picture” of what your career offers in terms of salary and time commitment is important. Below, we’ve gathered this data for 17 popular specialties.

Average Physician Pay and Hours by Specialty

Specialty Average Annual Physician Salary Average Hours Worked Per Week
Neurosurgery $634,500 58.2
Orthopaedic Surgery $537,000 57
Radiology $403,500 58
Anesthesiology $398,000 61
General Surgery $394,500 59.4
Dermatology $360,000 45.4
Emergency Medicine $332,000 46.4
Pathology $308,000 49.2
OBGYN $297,000 58
Neurology $264,000 50.8
Psychiatry $246,000 46.5
Internal Medicine $245,000 54.9
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation $242,500 45.4
Child Neurology $223,500 No data available for 2020
Family Medicine $217,000 52.6
Pediatrics $208,000 47
MedPeds $182,000 54.8

(AAMC Source)

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