Using Match A Resident’s New LINK Features

Introducing Match A Resident’s new LINK Features!

What if, you could somehow know which residency programs have Matched with applicants from your medical school? Or if they’ve interviewed any IMGs from the country where your medical school is? What if you could somehow know if they’ve interviewed or even Matched with candidates who’ve had a similar applicant profile to you?

Now, with Match A Resident’s new and improved LINK features, you can get answers to these questions instantaneously. All you have to do is apply any of our LINK filters to see which programs you’re “linked” to based on your profile!


SchoolLink: Enables you to see if a program has interviewed or Matched with applicants from the same medical school that you attended.

CountryLink: Will show you that a program has interviewed or Matched with a candidate from the same country your medical school was located in.

InterviewLink: Identifies any programs that have Interviewed applicants who have a similar profile to you.

MatchLink: Identifies any programs that have Matched with applicants who have a similar profile to you.


Here’s how:

Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll see your homepage or “Dashboard”


Click on an active specialty from your list to access your customized list.


You can see, in the top right corner of your specialty list, an option to select “Additional Filters”. Click on that to see our selection of filters that you can apply.


You can see the option to select the LINK features that you wish to apply to your filter.

Any programs that have a LINK to your profile will have an indicator. You can see these programs directly in your list. Here’s an example of a program that I’ve Linked to. It shows me that this program has interviewed AND Matched candidates with similar profiles to mine in the past:


Please note, the Link features are not calculated into your program compatibility scores. Therefore, you can use them as a way to further narrow down your customized list.

Hopefully this new feature helps you narrow down your list so that you can apply to the BEST programs for you. If you have any questions about how any of it works, make sure to contact us at, and we’ll be happy to help!


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