Sample Letters of Recommendation

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical Residency

When you’re applying for medical residency, having high quality Letters of Recommendation can strengthen your application. First, become familiar with the appropriate content for an LoR and how to choose the best letter writers. Next, you might find it helpful to review a strong sample Letter of Recommendation. Doing so can help you feel more confident about these supporting documents, whether you’re getting ready to request them or preparing to draft them yourself.

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Below, we’ve provided a sample LoR for an internal medicine residency applicant. First, you’ll notice that the letter touches on all the key points highlighted in our blog Guide to Writing Residency Letters of Recommendation. Specifically, this letter includes:

  • Details about how the writer knows the applicant
  • An acknowledgement of the specialty being applied to
  • Discussion of the ACGME 6 Core Competencies
  • Specific examples
  • A clear and straightforward recommendation for the specialty being applied to


Sample Letter of Recommendation

Sample Residency LoR

Finally, we hope this sample is helpful in demonstrating what a specialty specific and well-written Letter of Recommendation looks like!

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