Interview Invitations in December?

Can I Get Residency Interview Invitations in December?

Interview season is in full swing, and you are probably wondering, ‘Can I get interview invitations in December?’

And the short answer is yes, you can! Many applicants will still be receiving interviews throughout December. Some applicants will even be getting last-minute invitations in January. These depend on potential slots that open up because of cancellations and other reasons. 

Interviews Come in Waves

Generally speaking, there are about 3 rounds or “waves” of interview invitations. The first wave goes out within 1-2 weeks after applications are released at the beginning of the cycle. 

The second wave is typically about 3-6 weeks after applications are released.

Finally, the third wave tends to continue on through December and even January. However, the further into the season it is, the fewer new invitations are sent each week. 

If You Already Have Interviews 

Congrats! Make sure you are using Interview Manager and Rank Assist to track your interviews and interview performance.

Watch Interview Manager Tutorial Here

Watch Rank Assist Tutorial Here


Interview Prep Services 

Additionally, it is incredibly important that you are optimizing your performance for each and every interview. Professional Interview Prep Services are now available through Match A Resident to help you do just that. Registered members can log into their Match A Resident Dashboard to access preparatory services, including: 

Learning – Unlock interview mastery with 24 self-paced Video Lessons alongside 24 detailed Written Lessons. Make sure you have a solid foundation for residency interview skills and strategies from basic to advanced. Premium Members also can attend weekly intensive group sessions. 

Practice – Record unlimited practice answers to interview questions, including accessing a bank of specialty-specific questions and building your “Best Answer” for tough case scenarios. 

Evaluate – Get instant AI Scoring & Feedback on 12 essential interview components. Review and rate your own practice answers, or assign community reviews of your sessions to mentors, colleagues, or friends. Premium Members can submit 3 recorded answers to a residency interview coaching expert for detailed feedback and advice, plus the opportunity for “Virtual Office Hours” after weekly group sessions.

You can learn more about residency interviews by reading more at our Residency Interview Section.


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