ERAS 2015-2016 Changes

Hello Doctors!

Whether you are applying for the first time or you’ve been there done that, ERAS has made some changes that will affect your 2015-2016 medical residency program applications. While this is all available on the ERAS homepage, I’ll just outline the changes for you here.

Here are the updated components of the ERAS Application (number per program allowed):

  • MyERAS application (1)
  • Personal statement (1)
  • Photograph (1)
  • Exam transcript (1) USMLE or COMLEX (depending on program type)
  • Medical School Transcript (1)
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) (1)
  • Letters of Recommendation (3-4))
  • **Other program specific requirements

**If a program asks for something specific like a narrative letter, include with another document like the Personal Statement so you don’t have multiple numbers of files

As for the Letters of Recommendation, I outline the changes and everything you need to know in a previous post. However, here are some of the biggest changes. ALL letters must be uploaded through the LoR Portal with their Letter Request Form ID number. Only the author or someone they designate may upload the letter. That means no one from the medical school can upload the letters at all. Please note, the only time the applicant can upload the letter themselves is if they DO NOT waive their right to see the letter before it is submitted.

There will be two additional fields in MyEras. The first is for Basic Life Support (BLS) certification and the second is for Gold Humanism Honor Society.

Once you start selecting materials, program directors will be able to see them immediately once the application period opens. I highly suggest having everything together before then so the programs are seeing your whole application instead of waiting for it to come in pieces.

The application period opens Sept. 15, 2015, for all M.D. candidates.

ERAS is also trying to update it’s in-system messaging and overall display. Please note that they admit to not being highly compatible with Internet Explorer. Try to stick to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, some other pages may be compatible with some internet providers and not others.

These are the changes ERAS has announced so far. Keep updated by looking at their website, calling them at (202) 862-6264, or calling Match a Resident at (760) 904-5854 ext. 2 for free coaching.

Go forth and prepare with confidence!

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