What Program Directors are Really Looking at in Your ERAS Residency Application

It’s no secret that a well prepared residency application can get your foot in the door with medical residency programs. The secret lies in what Program Directors and Interview Committees really want to see when they look through a residency candidate’s application. The residency application preparation process is extensive and takes a lot of time
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Fees for the 2016-17 US Medical Residency Application Season

Becoming a doctor or medical professional to help heal the sick and tend to the injured is a beautiful dream. But, this dream does not come without a price. Many medical residency applicants applying for US residency positions are unaware of the financial hurdles posed by the residency application process. As you prepare for the
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The ERAS Application for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

Components of an IMG’s ERAS Application

The ERAS Application for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) As the US medical residency application season begins, it is important to learn about all of the specific components you should be preparing for the application. This is especially important for IMGs who have more parts of their applications to think about. IMG residency candidates should have
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2016-17 IMG Residency Timeline and Checklist

IMG U.S. Medical Residency Application Timeline and Checklist The Main Residency Match application season can confusing and difficult to navigate, below is a timeline of events for the Main Residency Match® from start to finish.   June 2016: Start Your Program Research June 21, 2016: ERAS® Tokens available to IMG applicants Have you applied and
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