Rank Order List Assistance

Using Match A Resident’s Rank Assist Feature

Ranking medical residency programs can be a challenge. However, with Match A Resident’s Rank Assist Feature, we have helped streamline the way in which applicants rank programs.

Using a proprietary comprehensive survey, alongside a rating (value) system, Rank Assist smoothly guides applicants through the process of analyzing, assessing, and of course, ranking their medical residency programs they have interviewed with.

The end result of using the Rank Assist for each program is a score, from 1-10. Using these scores will help put programs into more of a linear order, while compiling your list. The input from the survey will help you make non-biased, helpful, and accurate assessments of your Rank Order List.

Begin by navigating to the Rank Assist Feature.


Rank Assist


Here, you will see any programs that you have already ranked.


You will see the scores under “Rank Score.” Additionally, any programs which you have not left your interview experiences for will have an option to “Leave Feedback.” To rank a new program, click “Add Program.”


Rank Assist


A pop-up box will prompt you to choose the residency program by Specialty and State, or by Program Name or Program Code.


Rank Assist


Once you have selected the correct program, begin to fill out the survey as prompted.


Rank Assist


After you are prompted to “Calculate Score,” an Interview Feedback box will appear.

This information is collected anonymously as a way to support future residency candidates. The more detail you can provide, the more equipped generations of applicants will be for years to come! If you choose, “Remind me later,” the “Leave Feedback” button will appear for that program in your Rank Assist dashboard.


Rank Assist

Once you “Submit” your interview experience or click “Remind me later” – your Rank Assist Score will appear!


Rank Assist


Now in your dashboard, you will see all the programs you have ranked. You will see that you can finish your Interview Feedback via the “Leave Feedback” button. Additionally, you can resume or adjust your survey by clicking “Restart Survey.”


Finally, it is important to acknowledge that you can leave yourself important Notes by clicking “Notes” – how helpful!  



With all these helpful features, we certainly hope our Rank Assist will assist your Ranking process and strategy this application season.

If you have questions about how any of it works, please leave a comment below! Well wishes, friends!


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